Our Ministries

Allen Chapel


Allen Chapel AME Church has numerous ministries and auxiliaries to serve the church and community.

Some of our ministries

Other Ministries 

  • Church School (Sis. Velma Speight)
  • Dance Ministry (Rev. Perdita Abercrombie/ Sis. Dorothy Wortham)
  • Debutante and Masters Ministry (Sis. Gwen Lofton / Sis. Elizabeth Jordan-Johnson)
  • Drama Ministry (Rev. Carolyn Scales)
  • Evangelism & Outreach (Rev. Carolyn Scales)
  • Greeters Ministry (Sis. Carolyn Brown)
  • Intercessory Prayer (Sis. Lorraine Beavers)
  • Jr./Sr. Citizen Ministry (Rev. John Thomas/ Bro. Leroy Cowan)
  • Lay Organization (Sis. Louise Murrell-Graves)
  • Marriage Ministry (Rev. Michael Johnson/Sis.Stephanie Johnson)
  • New Members Class (Rev. Deborah Manigault/Gail Reed)
  • Prison Outreach Ministry (Rev. Gloria Chandler)
  • Security Ministry (Bro. Eugene Sidbury/ Bro. Donny Randall)
  • Staff Ministers (Rev. Sharon Gibson)
  • Toni P. Farmer Scholarship Committee (Sis. Cheryl Hawkins)
  • Willing Workers (Sis. Juanita Wilder)
  • Young Adult’s Ministry (Rev. Moyer McCoy and Min. Keeler Edwards)