Historical Quilt

Clara B. Neal Lay Organization

The Allen Chapel AME Historical Quilt was created in 2003 as Allen Chapel’s Lay Organization contribution to a historical project sponsored by the Washington Conference Lay Organization. The purpose of the project was to showcase the history of churches in the WCLO in a Conference Calendar. Also, it was an opportunity for local churches to research their history and provide visual historical documentation. Ultimately, Sister Jean Larkin, Lay Organization Second Vice President at that time, coordinated the project for the Allen Chapel Lay Organization. She asked each club, ministry, choir, and organization to purchase and display a block on the quilt in order to provide a visual historical rendering of their particular organization. A majority of the church organizations eagerly contributed, and members of the Allen Lay Organization as well as many members of the church selflessly and diligently participated in creating the lovely quilt that we proudly possess today. Allen Chapel Lay Organization’s quilt along with other Washington Conference church quilts, was displayed at Metropolitan AME Church as part of the Annual Lay Night activities. Also as part of the program, Allen Chapel’s own Sister Latrice Mack, highlighted the life and work of Allen Chapel’s historical trailblazer, Sister Sarah Wise, focusing her biblical travels, wealth of knowledge, and her Civil Rights contributions. The quilt was displayed in the Multi-Purpose room for a period of time; however, during a remodeling project it was moved and not displayed again until year 2012.

Clara Benjamin Neal

Currently on display on the 2nd floor