Outreach Services

Allen Chapel

The Outreach Services sponsors traditional service projects and innovative programs. Members of the congregation have initiated projects such as making quilts for at-risk babies, creating HIV/AIDS awareness programs, organizing community political events, and providing food and clothing donations in subsidized apartment complexes.

The Outreach Commission also contributes time and money to the various food and clothing organizations in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. Reflecting Allen Chapel’s leadership in community outreach, many national and regional outreach events take place on the grounds of Allen Chapel. Allen Chapel opens its facilities to numerous twelve-step programs: it is the most extensively used church in Washington, DC for these meetings.

Allen Chapel is united by parish members’ commitment to service, which seems to be inspired by faith that enables them to do Christ’s work in the community. However, many base their service not at Allen Chapel but rather in their professional lives or community projects. Allen Chapel outreach leadership is exploring ways to inform members of the congregation who are looking for service opportunities about those who are engaged in projects outside Allen Chapel AME Church.